Tried, True, & Thankful for You

In this time of many uncertainties, you can count on this –

  • Relationships amongst South Dakota’s longstanding economic playmaker’s
  • SBA 504 FIXED interest rates

Tried >> Relationships – FDDC has been a Certified Development Company (CDC) since 1983. Currently, combined, our team has over 24 years of experience navigating SBA’s red tape and lending to a vast variety of businesses – from assisted living centers and hotels to convenience stores, repair shops, restaurants, and so many more. FDDC’s total SBA 504 impact in South Dakota:
>> Over $150 million SBA 504 dollars loaned to nearly 400 new or expanding businesses resulting in the creation of over 2,300 jobs.

True >> FIXED Interest Rates – Need to have something you can count on? One known factor you can always throw into play is the SBA 504 loan and its fixed interest rate. Take ‘variable’ out of the equation on up to 40% of the project financing. This is something your client will surely be happy about.

Thankful for You >>  – Without South Dakota’s small business owners and our lending partners, the impact FDDC has made in the state of South Dakota would not be possible. Thank you for placing your trust in us (since 1983) to get the 504 loan done! We look forward to working with you on many more 504 projects in the future.