Think Green – Think 504!

When thinking GREEN – think FDDC and SBA 504 loan program, as there are numerous ways 504 is gaga for GREEN…

Agribusiness Projects – think green acres necessary to support agribusiness operations – YES, they’re an eligible 504 project cost!

Green Borrower – clients new to their field and wanting to start up their business are eligible to receive 504 loan funds. In addition to the 15% minimum equity injection requirement, a detailed business plan and solid financial projections are required as well. The Small Business Development Center is a free, confidential, resource available to assist with both the business plan and financial projection. To find the SBDC contact information by county where the project is located click here:

Saving Green – the 504 program is perfect for small business owners looking to preserve their working capital, as they are able to get into their fixed asset project with as little as 10% equity injection. Also, locking in their low, fixed 504 interest rate for up to 25 years stabilizes their cash flow.

Energy Public Policy Projects – projects reducing existing energy consumption and/or incorporating renewable energy sources are eligible for a maximum of $5.5 million of 504 dollars borrowed per project. AND, the 504 dollars borrowed for these projects do not count towards SBA’s rule of $5 million maximum outstanding per each small business concern, including its affiliates.

Having green thoughts?
Contact FDDC at 605.882.5115 for further detail!