Sioux River Ag (Dell Rapids, SD)

Sioux-River_575x431Sioux River Ag LLC, located at the Dell Rapids exit of I-29, obtained two SBA 504 loans for their newly constructed building and equipment. Scott Buss and Waylin Buss, owners of Sioux River Ag LLC, were able to take advantage of financing offered through the partnership of SBA 504 loans, provided by First District Development Company (FDDC) and commercial bank loans, provided by First Bank & Trust in Sioux Falls. Sioux River Ag LLC currently sells Pioneer seed and inoculants to farmers and dairies in a three county area – Minnehaha, Lincoln and Moody Counties. By using an SBA 504 loan on both their real estate and equipment projects, the Buss brothers were able to take advantage of record-low SBA 504 fixed interest rates, which will help to keep their monthly debt service payments low.

Scott and Waylin Buss got into the business of selling Pioneer seed in May 2010 by taking over a former distributor’s client list and formed Sioux River Ag LLC. At the time, the Buss brothers operated from a leased warehouse. Within time, their sales outgrew their former location and it forced Sioux River Ag to find additional warehouse space to store their growing inventory.

With the help of the financing packages from First Bank & Trust and FDDC, the Buss brothers were able to construct a new warehouse at the Dell Rapids exit that allows them to store their seed and inoculants they currently sell and also allows for future growth for the company. Along with the newly constructed building, the Buss brothers decided to add a Pro Bulk System to the property with the second SBA 504 loan. The Pro Bulk System includes four storage bins and seed treater to be able to clean/treat seeds and store the seeds right on site.

FDDC felt very fortunate to be able to assist Sioux River Ag LLC with two 10 year SBA 504 loans on their real estate and equipment projects. FDDC wishes Scott and Waylin continued success at their new location!