Partnering with FDDC… What’s not to LOVE?

With FDDC’s specialty being the SBA 504 loan program, it’s easy for the FDDC team to love what they do every day. As listed below, there are so many positives to the 504 program it’s got us questioning… WHAT’S NOT TO LOVE?

Fast approval – FDDC Board meets as needed
– After Board approval, via regular 504, SBA is currently at 2 business days turnaround
– After Board approval, via 504 EXPRESS (FDDC’s Fast Track), could have SBA’s approval within 3-4 hours
Low, fixed interest rate – 20-year 504 rate is 5.99%!
In a subordinate lien position
10% equity injection = happy customer
Locking in a rate for up to 25 years = happy customer
Wide array of eligible types of businesses – from storage units to assisted living facilities to agribusiness projects

Spread the LOVE and call FDDC to discuss your next 504 deal!