IMED Mobility Wins National Award

Amongst numerous nominees, IMED Mobility was chosen for the 504 Rural Loan Diamond Award. This national award was presented by the National Association of Development Companies (NADCO) recognizing a small business that has made an impact. First District Development Company (FDDC) nominated IMED Mobility for this special award, as the project is a standout in our portfolio—a diamond you might say.

IMED Mobility, owned by Bob Lundin, is located in Tea, South Dakota. IMED Mobility sells and services new and used handicap accessible vehicles and handicap accessible products. IMED and Bob Lundin are special because of the adversity the business has faced since it began in 2003, the nature of the business, and Bob Lundin himself.

One example of IMED’s adversity and perseverance has to do with the dealership agreements it has in place with the two leading manufacturers of handicap accessible vehicles. Upon getting into business in 2003, Bob, being the marketing and internet guru he is, knew with the worldwide web the entire United States was his market place. By 2008, because Bob was so good at selling and building relationships, the competition got fed up with how well IMED Mobility was doing. They complained to these two manufacturers, so much so, the manufacturers decided to implement dealership agreements. IMED’s market place changed from the entire United States to just South Dakota and Minnesota. The impact on IMED was tremendous–they went from selling 55 vans in one month in 2008 to selling 7 vans the next month. The staff went from 22 to 5. IMED had no choice in this matter and had to play by the new rules.

Another example of facing adversity happened in February, 2015, when a fire completely destroyed the building where IMED Mobility operated in Tea. Bob set up shop across the street in a rented location while a new building was being constructed. SBA 504 financing was utilized to finance the new building. Throughout it all, Bob has kept IMED’s doors open and continues to be a leader in their field in the Midwest.

The products and services IMED offers its customers are life-changing. When a once independent individual has an event that changes his or her life instantly and forever, IMED Mobility sells vehicles that will allow them to gain back a bit of independence. If the vehicle being purchased does not come with adequate functionality, they can work with IMED’s service shop to have the vehicle customized. Bob hears these life changing stories on a daily basis and this is the type of problem-solving he and his team do.

Bob Lundin himself is unique and impactful. Bob is a standout individual in the community of Tea. He is a huge supporter of youth athletics, as he was a key player in getting the Tea Athletic Complex completed and founder of a soccer club and basketball organization. Also, Bob has served on the Tea Economic Development Corporation Board, the Tea Area School Board, and  has talked to the youth at local schools about small business entrepreneurship.

CONGRATULATIONS to Bob Lundin with IMED Mobility in being chosen by NADCO for this year’s
504 Rural Diamond Award recipient – we couldn’t think of a more worthy candidate.


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