How many SBA projects can be done?

Did you know one or multiple SBA 504 projects can account for the $5 million maximum* SBA allows to be loaned out to each small business (including its affiliates).

That’s Right! If a small business has outstanding SBA debt, but the total outstanding balance is less than $5 million – one or more SBA 504 projects can be completed until the $5 million maximum is reached.

South Dakota’s small business owners seeking fixed asset financing will surely appreciate including an SBA 504 loan on their next project where they inject as little as 10% and receive a long-term, fixed interest rate on 30-40% of their total project costs.

*SBA allows for a $5.5 million per project maximum for small businesses meeting the energy public policy qualifications AND for small businesses who are small manufacturers.

Questions about your next SBA 504 project – call FDDC at 605.882.5115.