Focus on the Future with 504

FocusClarityVision all come to mind for the new year of 2020. Small businesses are focused on affordable financing, preservation of working capital, and building equity. Partnering with FDDC provides clarity with SBA 504 financing as follows:

  • Long term loan with at or below market fixed interest rate provides for a stabilized and affordable debt service repayment over the long haul
  • 90% financing allows for preservation of cash for working capital
  • Saving money and building equity for the small business owner with the easy 10% equity injection to realize their vision of owning a building

Let FDDC take the lead with an SBA 504 loan to ensure your project is handled with care. Day in, day out – the SBA 504 loan is FDDC’s focus. Through our valued partnerships with lenders, our vision is to foster business development by effectively working with our partners and our small business customers. We look forward to continuing our relationships with you in 2020. Happy New Year!