Flourishing Together

YES, we’re looking at you. Our valued lending partner + FDDC via an SBA 504 loan + an amazing South Dakota entrepreneur!

Now is the time many small business entrepreneurs are looking to launch into their commercial construction project. For other small business owners, now is the time to freshen up their balance sheet via debt refinancing. Partnering with FDDC on an SBA 504 loan, all involved flourish, as –

The 25-year SBA 504 interest rate is 5.88% right now. Adding a 504 loan to the mix might just win you the deal!

With an SBA 504 loan involved, the business owner can keep cash in their pockets – by injecting as little as 10%.

The SBA 504 loan offers a 10, 20, or 25-year term with a FIXED interest rate. This gives the business owner something to hang their hat on and stabilize’s their cash flow.

The SBA 504 loan can refinance existing debt originally used to finance fixed assets. If there is equity in the real estate, small business owners can access cash out.

If you’re ready to flourish your portfolio and help a small business grow – contact FDDC at 605.882.5115.