Feature 504: Nimble Wash, De Smet, SD

Nimble Wash in De Smet, SD, recently opened its doors with the help of an attractive financing package offered by the partnership of Bryant State Bank and FDDC via the SBA 504 loan program. Clinton and Brenda Efraimson, owners of Nimble Wash, were thrilled to utilize the SBA 504 loan program—locking in on a low, fixed interest rate for a portion of their financing package.

When the Efraimsons purchased the car wash property in De Smet, they renovated one of the two self-wash bays into an automatic bay and also extended the hours of operation. The Efraimsons also renamed the car wash to Nimble Wash.

Clinton and Brenda Efraimson are not new to owning and operating a car wash property. Since late 2019, the Efraimson’s, who reside in Bryant, SD, have owned and operated the car wash in Bryant (also named—Nimble Wash). Both Clinton and Brenda are key players in ensuring their car wash properties are a success. Clinton is in charge of all major maintenance and repairs, as his background of working as an electrician for over 20 years and operating his farmstead for 20 years lends itself perfectly to keeping their car wash properties in top-notch working order at all times. Brenda takes care of the daily cleaning and maintenance of the car wash properties, handling of the coins and cash, and she does the bookkeeping as well.

Nimble Wash in De Smet is located at the intersection of Highway 14 and Highway 28. Both Nimble Wash locations feature an automatic touchless wash system bay, a self-serve wash bay, and a vacuum onsite. For customers’ convenience—Nimble Wash is open 24/7, year-round and customers can pay with cash, coin, credit card, or can go completely touch free by using the Coinless App. Through the app, customers earn rewards and free vacuum time.

By utilizing the attractive financing package offered through the pairing of Bryant State Bank and FDDC via the SBA 504 loan program, Clinton and Brenda were able to lock in on the 504’s historically low, fixed interest rate for a portion of their financing needed. A stabilized, low, debt service in conjunction with Clinton and Brenda’s impressive teamwork and business model for Nimble Wash definitely align for continued success.