Feature 504: Big Stone Therapies, Watertown, SD

Physical Therapists, Wade Fligge and Trisha Rieffenberger, who were former tenants are now proud commercial real estate owners. By utilizing the dual loan structure of a conventional loan through Reliabank in Watertown and an SBA 504 loan through FDDC, Wade and Trisha were able to lock in a stabilized debt repayment in their quest to convert from renting to owning their current location. The end result: Wade and Trisha established equity in their real estate rather than their landlord.

Wade Fligge and Trisha Rieffenberger are the two Physical Therapists who have ownership in Big Stone Therapies—Watertown, LLC. Both Wade and Trisha received their degrees in the profession from the University of South Dakota. Wade has practiced Physical Therapy at Big Stone Therapies since 2012, while Trisha has been practicing at Big Stone Therapies since 2006. In fact, it was in 2006 when Big Stone Therapies added Watertown, South Dakota, to their long list of communities where patients could receive their expert care. The history of Big Stone Therapies dates much farther back and broader than the Highway 81 location Watertown residents and visitors see. Big Stone Therapies, Inc. was originally formed in 1990 by two Physical Therapists—Paul Treinen and Wade VanDover. The practice originally provided inpatient and outpatient physical therapy services to four community  hospitals located in Ortonville, Wheaton, and Graceville, all in Minnesota, and a location in Sisseton, South Dakota.

In 200Big Stone Therapy-Trisha2, Big Stone Therapies began private practice therapy services. Today, Big Stone Therapies, between all locations, is located in 36 communities which spans into Minnesota, South Dakota, North Dakota, and Michigan. Each location is operated by local physical therapists.Big Stone Therapy-Wade

Big Stone Therapies in Watertown specializes in outpatient physical, occupational, and speech therapy, as well as offering a number of additional specialty services. Clients range from pediatrics to geriatrics and address orthopedic and neurological impairments. In addition to owners Wade and Trisha, the team at Big Stone Therapies in Watertown is comprised of three additional physical therapists, four physical therapist assistants, one occupational therapists, two speech language pathologists, as well as four support staff members. The Big Stone Therapies team prides themselves on providing excellent care to each patient from the moment they walk in the door by helping them navigate paperwork at the front desk, to receiving the best care possible provided by medical professionals using current approaches who are highly educated in their respective fields. Finally, aftercare—when the Big Stone Therapies professionals ensure each patient is offered a specific rehabilitation plan so the maximum possible recovery is achieved.

Pleased to be just a small piece in their success story—FDDC wishes Wade, Trisha, and the entire Big Stone Therapies team many more years of success!