FDDC’s Fast Track to 504 Loan Approval

Work with FDDC on 504 projects and receive SBA’s approval in 1/2 the time!

  • SBA has granted FDDC authority to underwrite and approve 504 loan applications in the amount of $500,000 or less (total project could be $1.2 million)
    >> Includes both regular SBA 504 loan applications and SBA 504 refinance applications

  • Approved credits are forwarded to SBA for their sign off on SBA 504 eligibility
    >> FDDC’s determination regarding creditworthiness is not subject to SBA review

  • An SBA 504 Loan Authorization is issued in half the time it normally takes to receive 504 loan approval

  • Closing procedures and future servicing actions on EXPRESS 504 loans will be expedited as well

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