Expand Your Limits!

Expand your lending limits with the SBA 504 Loan Program.
Expand access to capital for your clients.
Expand your customer base.

When you partner with FDDC on an SBA 504 loan, you jump into a larger pool, not only for your business client, but also your lending institution. You can consider lending for larger projects or limit your exposure to certain industries.


Consider SBA’s maximum exposure limits:

  • $5 million for each small business concern (the applicant and its affiliates) – taking into account any outstanding SBA 504 and 7a balances
  • $5.5 million for each project for small manufacturers (defined as a business with a NAICS code in Sectors 31, 32, or 33)

Lenders can leverage their lending capacity across more borrowers and diversify their risk in any particular industry or to one borrower. Once the word gets out what you’re doing for your customers, others will be waiting outside your door!