About to Crack Due to an Unusual Request?

No Problem!

SBA 504 financing through FDDC is a perfect choice for a wide variety of projects – no one size, one color, or one pattern fits all here! FDDC is able to spot deals that may have several quirks to them and work their way through the maze to get to the end result – a financed project.

Our lending partner will finance 50% of the total fixed asset project cost, while FDDC / SBA finances 30-40%, and the small business owner injects 10-20%.

The beauty of an SBA 504 project through FDDC:

  • Our lending partner enjoys a 1st lien position while only lending 50%.
  • The small business owner won’t boil over when they see the low equity injection requirement.
  • The low fixed interest rate and long term of the SBA 504 loan keeps the small business owner’s cash position from getting scrambled.
  • FDDC has A LOT of experience… we’ve been getting SBA 504 projects financed since 1983.

The SBA 504 loan amount may be as much as $5 million ($5.5 million if the applicant business is a small manufacturer) and a wide variety of businesses are eligible to apply – even storage unit businesses are eligible. Please don’t put any project in your ‘we can’t help you basket’ before giving FDDC a call –> 605-882-5115.